Eight Nights at Edward's 1 is going to be the very 1st Instalment to the ENaE series. It is the 1st game but comes 3rd in the timeline. There are quite a few locations in the game. They are the Show Stage, The tons of arcade areas, the Left hallway, the left hallway corner, the right hallway, the right hallway corner, the office, the dining area, the kitchen and the ball pit. (because what's a funhouse without a ball pit? Am I right?) In the 1st game there are 4 animatronics (No Golden Edward) They are Edward, Emily, Tuffy and Clopsy. They are all animatronic cats but Edward is orange, Emily is lavender, Tuffy is purple and Clopsy is a redish-pink kind of colour.

ENaE1 Cover

The Cover for Eight Nights at Edward's 1

Animatronic Eye Colours

The animatronics' eye colours are quite different. Edward has blue eyes (like me) Emily has red eyes, (like Bonnie from FNaF1) Tuffy has green eyes (like Toy Bonnie from FNaF2) and Clopsy has yellow. (like Foxy from FNaF1)


The animatronics wear different things. (kinda) So Edward wears a top hat and black tie, Emily has a red tie, Tuffy has a red bow tie and Clopsy wears an eyepatch, a hook and a black tie.

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